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Improve your sales with eye caching digital menu boards and signage. We are selling  quality 4K LED HDR screens with our own software and without any monthly fees. It can run without internet connection and can be updated from our office, if needed. Also, we can make menus for your screens or animated promotional videos. You can even set up schedule for promotions on screens for different days, you don’t need to do anything, just let us know when you need an update, a new image or a video and contact us – we will do everything for you.


4K LED HDR screens


Easy To Use Software


Sales Boost Guarantee


One Year Free Technical Support

Improve Your Sales

Digital Display Create a More Memorable Experience

Digital screen enhance the overall customer experience. The right mix of graphics and videos can keep customers entertained and help them make an informed choice with the correct information displayed.

Better Visibility of Menu

The digital display have the ability to grab user’s attention with videos and animations. On any given day, the digital boards are more eye pleasing than the regular paper menus. One can easily attract and retain more customers by sharing the day’s specials or showing pictures of happy customers in video format.