Recently my friend has told me an interesting fact that if adults would have the same ratio of body and head as babies, their heads would be like 30 kg. And yeah kids do have giant heads! 
⠀This was the reason why children didn’t like the 1930s Mickey Mouse cartoon – have a look at its head, it’s much smaller than it is now. Kids just didn’t find this Mickey Mouse as ‘one of them’. After conducting a research, its creators changed the size of Mickey’s head and now he’s loved all over the world.
⠀ If you feel that there is something wrong and your business isn’t making as many sales as you wish, you should obviously do a market research and find out how does your target audience expect you to look like. Then compare their perceptions with what you actually offer them, make changes in what and how you do it, and (ta-dah!) – problem solved.

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