How do we do our magic?

First of all we send out a questionnaire to understand what your business is about. At this point it’s important for us to know who is your target audience, what are your short and long term goals, what kind of PR & Marketing campaigns have you already done and how successful they were. 

Using professional marketing tools we do a research on behavioural patterns, preferences and interests of your target audience and how do these people see a company they would love to buy products from. 

After the market research is done, we will compare your current situation with the research results on how your target audience expects you to look like and check if you do the right PR & Marketing activities so that target audience can find you. 

At this stage we improve everything that needs to be improved in your business so that target audience not only finds you but also falls in love with your brand.

All improvements take time, so we will work with you side by side until they actually start working. 

After some time (from 3 months) we will analyse how successful were the improvements and make the final changes in your PR & Marketing activities. 

Finally we create an awesome PR or Marketing campaign in order to attract many new potential customers to the improved company that is just as good as its target audience expects it to be. 

Our Services Include:

  • Social Media Marketing
    Strategy, Posts, Monitoring, Paid Advertising, Influencers
  • Newsletters
    Graphics, Content, Monitoring
  • Copywriting
    Website Content, Blogging, Marketing Documents
  • Media Relations
    Press Releases, Interviews, Media Monitoring, Crisis Communications
  • Graphic Design
    Logo, Business Cards, Leaflets, Posters, Web Banners, Infographics
  • Advertising
    Video, Photography, Graphics, Print
  • Business Promotion
    Market Research, B2B, Marketing Planning, SEO, Events Management
  • Web Design
    Websites From Scratch, Landing Pages, Design Amendment

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