I’ve never been a fan of the online shopping… until I moved to the UK.  Omg it’s so easy here so now I do like 90% of all my purchases online. This saves so much time and energy!
⠀ Some of the items are delivered by the Royal Mail and brought by the same postman who works in our neighbourhood. He is just adorable! Always so nice, polite, always asking how I am, how is the little one, tells some jokes… The parcel receiving process is existing to me itself, but he makes it even better. 
⠀ Technically he is a representative of the Royal Mail company, so because he is so nice my attitude to the Royal Mail has skyrocketed, just because of ‘my personal relationship’ with him. And now when I plan to send something to my friends around the UK I don’t even consider any other option.
⠀ That is why you should always teach your employees the right way to treat your customers. Not by making strict instructions, but by explaining how important they are to the company and how their actions benefit it. As every customer evaluates your company by his personal experience with you. 

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